Booking Info

Private Sector

£595 + VAT

1st Delegate

£545 + VAT

Additional Delegates

Public Sector

£395+ VAT

1st Delegate

£365 + VAT

Additional Delegates

Voluntary Sector

£325 + VAT

1st Delegate

£295 + VAT

Additional Delegates

For group bookings of 3 or more please call 0203 770 6580 as further discounts may be available


Public Sector: Includes all public sector and non-profit organisations including Universities, Schools. Colleges, Independent Education Providers, Housing Associations, Independent Care Homes, Social Enterprises. NHS. Police Services. Local Authorities. Executive Agencies, Non Departmental Public Bodies and Devolved Administrations.

Voluntary Sector: Includes voluntary and small not-for-profit organisations that are not listed above (please note that Charities must provide their Charity Number at the time of booking).

Private Sector: includes those in the private sector.


Can I make a provisional booking?
Unfortunately we do not accept provisional bookings, and all bookings are subject to our terms and conditions. However, we would be happy to take your details and give you notice before an event sells out, should you wish to book at a later date.

Can I book without a purchase order number?
Yes you can. Simply email with the PO number as soon as you have it.

Are rates inclusive of VAT?
Rates stated are not inclusive of VAT. For more booking terms and conditions. Please visit our FAQs page.