Andy Bell

Central & Local Government HR

Andy Bell

Deputy Chief Executive,
Centre for Mental Health

Andy Bell is deputy chief executive of Centre for Mental Health, an independent organisation dedicated to eradicating mental health inequalities by changing policy and practice. The Centre hosts the Mental Health Challenge for Local Authorities, supporting a network of 120+ elected member champions for mental health, and it is currently leading a Commission for Equality in Mental Health

  • Outlining the Centre for Mental Health’s role in championing mental health across local government through The Mental Health Challenge
  • Highlighting the importance of local councils ensuring they have robust mental health and wellbeing policies in place to support their workers and the community they serve
  • Sharing best practice examples of how local government can promote high-quality internal wellbeing processes, such as appointing and utilising a mental health champion
  • Examining the next steps needed to ensure mental health equality for all and the role central and local government can play in this